Like Mine

Powerful… moving… be there…

Carrie Mayhem

I saw your bandages.
I didn’t inquire.
I didn’t need to.
I recognized your secret.
It looked like mine.

The door was ajar.
I peaked in your closet.
I saw your skeletons,
And I knew them all.
They looked like mine.

I remained reticent.
Not even you knew
What I observed.
I protected your secret
Like I did mine.

Now I wonder,
If I had unlocked
My Pandora’s Box for you,
Could I have rewritten your story
Like someone did mine?

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Break the Silence

Carrie Mayhem

Days without fights were
The calm before the storm.
Brutality and fear
Became her new norm.

Outside of their quarrels
He’d turn up the charm.
Even she was convinced
He meant her no harm.

Then he would strike.
In turn she would shout.
Neighbors raised the volume
To drown her sobs out.

They stayed out of it.
They felt that was wise.
When she passed in the hallways,
They averted their eyes.

She stopped crying for help.
It just never came.
For her willingness to stay there,
She was to blame.

There were no superheros,
No man in a cape.
She had nowhere to run,
No way to escape.

She was trapped,
In need of a champion.
But she was guilty of staying,
That was her sin.

She wasn’t a victim,
They made her believe.
This was her punishment
If she wouldn’t just leave.

Her body was scarred
By senseless…

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Carrie Mayhem

My husband does not identify as a writer. He is an engineer, through and through. Despite that fact, that man has strung together some of the most beautiful words I’ve ever read. For example, this acrostic poem has hung on my bedroom wall for over 10 years. He didn’t even know what acrostic was when he wrote it. I love that man…

Every day I wake up from sleep and think of how blessed that I truly am. Laying there awake watching you sleep so peacefully fills me with a profound sense of happiness and love.

The love that we share is so powerful and intense that you can almost see the energy between us. Waves of electricity crackle with emotion and love.

Each passing day melts into weeks… and as months become years we will be together. Always there for each other, loving and supporting each…

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What If…

You are never totally alone…

Carrie Mayhem

This poem requires explanation. It was written over two decades ago. As a teen and young adult, I struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide. In my early works, I rarely wrote about anything but suicide or death. If I had not been able to express my internal conflict through poetry, I honestly don’t know if I would be here today. Eventually I sought treatment. Unfortunately the treatment was not conducive to creativity. It was one of several reasons that I did not write for over ten years. Still, I wouldn’t change anything. I am happy and healthy now. I found my voice again too.

However, it should not have taken me as long as it did to talk to someone. There is this unspoken taboo when it comes to suicide. I wanted to be remedied, but I didn’t want to ask anyone for help. I was humiliated that I couldn’t just…

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Carrie Mayhem

SFoxWriting’s Alphabet Challenge ~ “W”

In all the galaxies
Universe wide,
Every star that lives,
Every star that’s died,
In all the worlds
That circle a sun,
Of those solar systems,
We occupy this one.
On all the continents
Across our planet,
In every country,
Countless do inhabit,
Generations past,
Or not yet conceived,
Every birth celebrated,
Or each death we’ve grieved,
Only you are you,
And this is your time,
An existence barely measurable
In the scope of mankind.
Do you consider it
When you look at the sky?
Do you ponder the unlikelihood
And ask yourself why?

Photo courtesy of National Geographic

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